Sex Wedge

Liberator Shapes have been around for quite some time and have given couples lots of exciting nights. Some might think that having one Liberator Sex Pillow was good enough to get their partner where they wanted to be sexually. But they could be wrong. With the Liberator Ramp Wedge , you can do so much more in pleasuring yourself and your partner. This new innovation allows for deeper penetration and longer orgasms for you and your partner. There are many benefits to the Liberator Ramp Wedge Combo . Some of the best benefits are:

1. Compact- Very discreetly hidden amongst your furniture, the Liberator Ramp Wedge Combo stores easily in tight places so that you don’t have to show off your sex furniture to your friends or family. This also frees up room to put other things in your bedroom and not have it so cluttered. There are many benefits why having a compact piece of furniture. It makes sense to have a compacted piece of private furniture so that you can hide if you are having guests whom you don’t want to show any piece of sexual activity to.

2. Easy access to important parts- Every partner wants to satisfy the other. This is easy with the Liberator Ramp Wedge Combo because the piece of furniture places you in the posture where your most orgasmic areas are effortlessly maneuvered to. G-spot penetration is the best for a woman and will give her a very good time with the other partner. Giving your partner is a very important thing. This especially for guys, a female orgasm is a feeling of achievement. The Liberator Ramp Wedge Combo helps with that and satisfies everyone involved.

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3. Perfect for conception- Doctors tell women that they need to elevate their hips to help conceive a child. What better way than the Ramp Wedge Combo! The furniture raises the woman so that you can reach the objective of conception without the woman getting tired of being put in that position.

With the Liberator Ramp Wedge Combo, you and your partner will experience more orgasms and have more of a connection sexually. There are a lot more benefits that were not noted above that make the Liberator Ramp Wedge Combo the best in its league. The great thing about this product is that it caters to the needs of the partner. Different sizes for different women and men. The Liberator has always strived for comfort and happiness. With the brand new model, they are attempting to get the greatest results for all their clients. So try one today and get closer in giving your mate the preeminent sexual event of their life.

By: Matt Knacks

The Liberator Ramp


The Liberator Ramp and Wedge are somewhat legendary in the sex blogging community — and should be legendary in the entire world — for making sex and positioning infinitely better. I am definitely of that camp, and have been for the years since my boyfriend and I scrounged up enough money to buy the combo. I’m also in lust with my Liberator Fascinator Throes.

I’m not sure why exactly I chose the Scoop as my next Liberator shape. Perhaps it was the name. Or the thought of rocking back and forth while fucking. One thing I didn’t realize was that Liberator sends a Wedge along with the Scoop. So here I am with two Wedges, a Scoop, a Ramp, and a suddenly not-big-enough apartment. Seriously, the Scoop is enormous. I mean huge: 24″ wide, 40″ long and 12″ tall. It’s hard to visualize, I know, but take my word for it.

The problem with having such a large Liberator shape is that I start to question whether it’s worth keeping. I’ve never questioned my love for the Ramp and Wedge (which take up some space in my closet, for sure), but the Scoop… is probably going to end up in someone else’s bedroom. And I’m sure it will be cherished there, but it just doesn’t work for my boyfriend and I.

And not for lack of trying. I combed Liberator’s “Position of the Week” section for Scoop-related positions, saved the photos, arranged them in Photoshop, and printed it out. Armed with my position guide, my boyfriend and I got to work trying the positions.

But the problem with the smiley, perfect Liberator photos is that they’re smiley and perfect. The couples make the positions look effortless. And I’m here to tell you that, especially with a beast such as the Scoop and real bodies such as ours, they’re not. The hugeness of the Scoop coupled with the tallness of our bed made me feel like I was in the circus doing some sort of balancing act, and several times I felt like I was about to fall.

Wedge Pillow Sex Tips

Most sexual positions can be enhanced for comfort or variety of stimulation or to increase the odds of her orgasm with one simple change: The addition of a strategically placed Wedge pillow

1. The missionary position can be modified by placing the thick part of the wedge under her ass, with narrow end pointing up her back. This adjustment tilts her hips up for a better angle for either vaginal or anal penetration, permitting deep thrusting without her having to support her pelvis.

2. You can also modify the Missionary position by reversing the wedge, placing the thick end underneath her shoulders with the narrow end facing her buttocks. The reversal of pillow facillitates a slower lovemaking session, encouraging kissing and breast play.

3. With the man standing by the bed with the woman on her back on the bed, place the thick end of the wedge pillow under her ass. Now she is at an angle for deeper thrusting.

4. In the Doggie position with her up on all fours, place the thick end of the wedge pillow under her waist. She has comfortable support while he can still freely play with her breasts.

5. In the Cowgirl or Reverse Cowgirl positions, she usually does most of the work, thrusting with her thighs. P the thick end of the wedge pillow under his ass. Elevates his hips takes the pressure off her knees and thighs.

While this is a cheeky fun video, there definitely are a lot of great positions that the Liberator shapes will help any couple into actualizing. Bernice shows some of the FUN positions possible with the Liberator Wedge and Ramp.



Then I told a companion of mine who might stay anonymous that I was arranging a FAT SEX WEEK she promptly inquired as to whether I would audit the Liberator Wedge for my site. Emancipator offers a Plus Size Wedge and it appeared to be the ideal expansion to FAT SEX WEEK. I’ve been acquainted with the Liberator furniture for a considerable length of time, they did a parlor at the Femme Mafia Masquerade in 2008.* The entire Liberator accumulation is unbelievable and rich.

Since the Liberator people haven’t overhauled the Wedge photographs to incorporate larger size members in the Wedge lifestyle, I required to incorporate no less than one photograph of hefty size angels. Photograph by Kelsey Dickey for Rebel Cupcake.

Settling on the choice to put resources into a bit of furniture for sex is a monster responsibility in expense as well as in space. Brooklyn is not a spot to take stockpiling delicately, so I didn’t generally ever consider a Liberator an alternative in my life.

I put the shout to buddies to check whether somebody needed to credit me one preceding I made the dedication of request a survey Wedge from the kind people at Liberator. I got enough positives from companions, including a proposal to utilize it as a “perusing slope” to prop your pads on for perusing in bunk. Virtuoso stockpiling thought won out and I requested my Wedge.

The Wedge, simply coolly laying about.

I had a couple of qualms early. Number one is, the reason wouldn’t you simply utilize a pad to do what the Liberator does? I adapted promptly after accepting the Wedge that its not that basic, since the Liberator is made of this substantial obligation froth material that is route sturdier than a cushion yet sufficiently malleable to be agreeable. Welcome to sex in the 21st Century! None of my fleecy pads could perhaps rival this firm froth.

The Plus Size Wedge contrasts from the first Wedge in the measurements. The first measures 24 x 14 x 7 inasmuch as the in addition to measures 30 x 14 x 7. I was on it and I was happy for the additional space. I could feel solidly planted in the core of the Wedge and didn’t feel like I was tumbling off either side. In the event that it was six inches littler I would most likely feel kind of unstable on it, in the same way as I may move off. Unreliability is an aggregate buzz murder for fat sex!

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Stashe Pillow

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The Right Position

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